State of mind scents

Jade is a brand of handmade soy wax candles that uses aromatherapy to improve people's state of mind. Our body generates endorphins when we stimulate the sense of smell with scents that we find pleasant. That's why aromas are used to enhance certain moods… 

The tagline 'state of mind scents' suggests the direct benefit of the brand, which has three product categories that promote the states of calm, creativity, and wellness in people.

How do you want to feel today?

Aromatherapy for your mood. Choose a state of mind. 

Creativity&Lust : Ignite your creative power and put your ideas and desires into motion.
Balance&Wellness: Elevate your spirit and balance your mood.
Clean&Calm: Connect with your inner self and calm your space and mind.

How does it work?

1. Pick a mood 
2. Prepare your space
3. Let yourself be surprised by the benefits of aromatherapy

Light your jade candle and enjoy :) 
Produced Project Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Client: Jade

Strategist: Leonor Casas.
Brand & Packaging Designer: Paola Parodi. - Ganbarō Sudio.
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